PVH and MCR Foundation Board of Directors Welcomes New Member – Miki Roth

July 25, 2014

Miki Roth 

The PVH and MCR Foundation is fortunate to have a group of community leaders devoting time and energy to achieving our mission for a healthier community. We are pleased to announce that our leadership roster has recently been expanded with the addition of the newest board member, Miki Roth. The Board of Directors now includes nine members, with Mike Dellenbach of Dellenbach Motors as the chair.

Miki, a realtor with the Group Inc. in Loveland, brings experience in volunteerism and philanthropy to the Board. She is active with many community organizations including the Summit Club of the United Way and the Loveland Archaeological Society. She also serves on the Larimer County Workforce Investment Board and on the Loveland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.   In addition, Miki held the distinction of Realtor of the Year in 2012, and was President of the Loveland/Berthoud Association of Realtors 2012/2013.

“I have always had a strong interest in health care philanthropy and I am looking forward to helping to support the Foundation’s mission in northern Colorado,” said Miki. “I am excited to roll my sleeves up and do what I can to support the organization.”

Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants Lends Support to PVH and MCR Foundation Golf Classic as Title Sponsor

July 10, 2014

The PVH and MCR Foundation, which philanthropically supports and promotes University of Colorado Health programs in northern Colorado, is pleased to recognize Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants (AMIC) as the title sponsor of its 2nd Annual Golf Classic which will be held on August 4 at Ptarmigan Country Club.  AMIC donated $20,000 to the tournament which will raise money for the Innovative Research Fund, used by the University of Colorado Health research department to conduct studies that will ultimately enhance patient care and health services in northern Colorado. 

“The support of AMIC extends beyond the Golf Classic, including their funding of UCHealth employee scholarships in the area of radiation for many years,” said Erica Siemers, senior director of the PVH and MCR Foundation.  “We appreciate their decades-long partnership as well as their role in making this event possible.”

The PVH and MCR Foundation hosts two fundraising events each year in support of its affiliated hospitals and initiatives—the Spring Benefit and the Golf Classic.  The Golf Classic at Ptarmigan Country Club, a Jack Nicklaus signature course, will be structured with a morning and afternoon shotgun start, and includes lunch and various prizes for participants.

 Last year’s Golf Classic raised $55,000 for the Innovative Research fund, which is housed at the Medical Center of the Rockies and supports the research department in pioneering clinical research and educational programs.  Patient efforts include a retrospective data analysis of current treatment for heart attacks.  Community initiatives consist of a study to explore the health efforts of putting fourth graders on a muffin and smoothie diet that includes a higher intake of beans and rice bran powder.  In response to the alarming increase of bike accidents, a study will also be published to support a community education program on street safety for bicyclists and motorists alike.

“AMIC believes strongly in our commitment as a Mission Sponsor of the Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies Foundation,” said Chris M. Fleener, M.D., President, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants.  “It is our honor to be affiliated with a foundation continually working to make our community what it is by supporting PVH, MCR and their affiliated clinics.  We are proud of our long term support of the foundation and participating in its commitment to the creation and sustainability of healthy communities to live, work and play in.”

Those interested in playing in the Golf Classic, or becoming a sponsor may visit the PVH and MCR Foundation website at https://pvhandmcr.thankyou4caring.org/golf or contact the foundation office at 970.237.7400.  Individuals may register to play for $175, sponsorships begin at $1,000.

2014 Impact Employee Campaign Series: Leading by Example (Part 5 of 5)

June 30, 2014

we work give here

At UCHealth North generosity is home grown, which is why we feature Kevin Unger, PVH and MCR President & CEO in our final spotlight. Below, Kevin (far right) is pictured with his wife, Stacy and parents at the Ribbon Cutting for the new Cancer Center this month.

Colorado Wedding and Event Photography

  1. Why do you give to the PVH and MCR Foundation?

It’s always been important to my family to contribute to our community.  It is a priority to me and to us to help ensure that support is there when it’s needed.  I like to be a part of making a difference when I can.

  1. Do you earmark your donations for a specific campaign, and if so, why?

I’ve given to many projects and funds over the years.  It’s been fun to see the successes of each different campaign.  Right now, we are all still celebrating the great success of completing phase 2 of the cancer center and working hard to ensure we raise the rest of the funds needed for phase 3.  I and my family have contributed to the cancer center and it’s been great to be a part of a community that really stepped up to get a project going.  Employees have been a big part of the success so far, too, giving enough to name the Main Street area of the cancer center in honor of employee generosity.  Right now, finishing the cancer center’s phase 3 is a cause I’m excited to be a part of.

  1. How much does the matching program influence your decision to contribute?

The match started years ago as a way to ensure employees that their giving was important to the system.  I still feel it’s a great way to give employee contributions a boost, and is definitely an incentive to give.

  1. What do you think people don’t know about the PVH and MCR Foundation that you wished they did?

The foundation does a lot more than just raise money for a couple of projects; there are more than 150 funds that support programs all over our north region.  It’s important to me that our employees know that our foundation is there for them just as it is there for our patients and our facilities.  Our community values philanthropy and many of the great resources, spaces and programs around us are reliant on the generosity of our community.  The PVH and MCR Foundation is our resource here in the north region of UCHealth using donated dollars well to enhance the programs and facilities right here that benefit our patients and staff.

2014 Impact Employee Campaign Series: Giving is “So Us” (Part 4 of 5)

June 23, 2014

we work give here

We’re proud to call Diane Gustafson, Radiology Support Manager at MCR, part of our UCHealth family. Check out why she gives, and what it means to her, below.

Diane Gustafson

  1. Why do you give to the PVH and MCR Foundation?

I love knowing that when I make a donation here, it stays here.  It benefits patients I work with, and employees I know.  I like that I can see the benefits directly.

  1. Do you earmark your donations for a specific campaign, and if so, why?

I give to the Employee Emergency Assistance Fund. I always remember the old adage ‘do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.’ I feel like that absolutely applies to giving in support of employees who need help. The EEAF is easy to access and I know personally of good workers, good people who have been discretely and respectfully helped in a big way by the EEAF. It’s so us. It’s all about helping each other, and if we can’t do that, we’re not doing the right thing.  You never know, it could be you, it could be me.  It’s so painless. It’s just the right thing to do.

  1. How much does the matching program influence your decision to contribute?

The match just shows me how personal and caring the system still is by giving back to employees and giving them a voice. It’s proof that the system reinvests in its employees.

  1. What do you think people don’t know about the PVH and MCR Foundation, that you wished they did?

I give here rather than to outside agencies because with the foundation, there’s no overhead. I know that they’re a part of our system and that the money I give goes to the programs, patients, and employees who need it. I also wish people were fully aware of how easy it is to give, how great you can feel when you do, and how much it really matters.

I remember a time when I was helping with a PTO drive raising funds for the Memorial Garden at MCR. A coworker of mine, a wonderful woman, came up to the table to learn about what we were doing but initially didn’t give because she was off to a vacation and needed all of her hours to be able to go see her family. Later that day, she came by again excited to give, even if just a little, because she knew it would be such a help.  That employee was Carol Gilbert.  The evening after she visited our table, she suffered a stroke that eventually took her life. She is now honored in the very memorial garden she helped build. I know first-hand how giving matters. I’ve seen it matter. I wish more people knew how easy it is and how great it really is.

  1. Have you participated in employee giving programs at other jobs? How does this compare?

I’ve worked for our system for 20 years, at MCR since it opened.  I also volunteer, especially for the annual Spring Benefit.  Everything I do with the foundation is fun, it’s nice to see events that are successful and to see all of the generosity pouring in from our community.  Employee giving is the same.  It’s just so us.


2014 Impact Employee Campaign Series: Culture of Philanthropy (Part 3 of 5)

June 16, 2014

we work give here

This week we hear from Glenanne Engstrom, in Organizational Development.

Glenanne Engstrom

  1. Why do you give to the PVH and MCR Foundation?

I’m passionate about what the foundation does, how many people it touches, and knowing that I’m helping a worthy cause.  Our employees and our patients are the ones who benefit from the foundation. I think it’s important to help where I can.

  1. Do you earmark your donations for a specific campaign, and if so, why?

I give to the Scholarship Fund and Employee Emergency Assistance Fund.  I was involved in getting the EEAF started and it’s such an important resource for employees, I believe it needs all the support it can get. I remember talking with an employee not long after the fund was started. He told me about his child and how their heat had went out so they were piling on the blankets, trying to get by during a cold Colorado week. He wasn’t asking me for money, just sharing his story. I asked him if he knew about the EEAF and offered to help him figure out how to apply. I believe it’s moments like that when resources like the EEAF are really important.

  1. How much does the matching program influence your decision to contribute?

I’ve been giving for 23 years! I gave prior to the match so it’s not why I give, but to me it’s a great perk. Knowing that the hospitals buy into what employees believe in is just great and really shows the level of commitment they have. Employees do well giving on their own, but with the match, we do even better!

  1. What do you think people don’t know about the PVH and MCR Foundation, that you wished they did?

I wish everyone knew how much of a help the Employee Emergency Assistance Fund is. It’s really there just to help employees when they need it most. I also wish more employees knew that they have the option to give PTO to the foundation instead of cash. I believe that it’s important to give more as you make more. Giving $5 per pay period is a great start, but as you grow and your salary grows, so should your giving.

  1. Have you participated in employee giving programs at other jobs? How does this compare?

In my previous job, I worked as an executive on loan for the United Way so I’ve had experience helping campaigns grow. I think we have a great giving program not only because of the match, but also because it’s just so painless!

2014 Impact Employee Campaign Series: The Cancer Center is Here! (Part 2 of 5)

June 9, 2014

we work give here

With passion for a cause, you can see your gift really make a difference. Such is the case for Teri Frerichs, Nurse in the Cancer Center and our first employee spotlight. Below is Teri (in the orange hard hat) giving a tour of the Cancer Center to a group of attendees at last month’s Spring Benefit.


Teri Frerichs

  1. Why do you give to the PVH and MCR Foundation?

I give to pay it forward.  I‘ve been lucky and can afford to give so I choose to make my giving go where I know it will make a difference. Our patients didn’t ask for cancer; there may be lifestyle choices that contribute to patients coming through our doors but they didn’t ask for the hardship. It’s important to me to help them live. I believe it is my duty as a human and as part of my community.

  1. Do you earmark your donations for a specific campaign, and if so, why?

I’m a nurse at the cancer center, the patients there are my patients. Cancer hits close to home for me as it has directly impacted my family. I believe the cancer center makes a difference and I believe my gifts help. When someone learns they have cancer, survivors appear constantly to speak on how they’ve survived, how they’ve made it 5 years or 7 years or more. Giving to the cancer center allows me to help support the place where those connections are made, where people come together and become survivors.

  1. How much does the matching program influence your decision to contribute?

Though I’m still learning about the match, I’m excited to know that the system chooses to support what we as employees believe in. It is a motivating factor in my decision to continue giving!

  1. What do you think people don’t know about the PVH and MCR Foundation, that you wish they did?

I wish everyone knew how easy it is and how many ways there are to give. I’ve given PTO when I couldn’t use it and giving it just puts it to good use, when it would have been wasted otherwise. There are so many interesting ways to give, you just need to contact the foundation to find out how. Right now, beautiful art in the cancer center is on sale and proceeds benefit the foundation’s cancer center fund. There are just so many easy ways to help out.

  1. Have you participated in employee giving programs at other jobs? How does this compare?

I’ve been here for nine years and am proud of all of the giving that happens here. I’ve seen first hand that giving is a great way to support our community and truly, it’s just really easy to do.



2014 Impact Employee Campaign Series: Power In Numbers (Part 1 of 5)

June 2, 2014

we work give here

Yesterday began the official 2014 Impact Employee Campaign, which will last through the end of the month. At the PVH and MCR Foundation, we believe in the power of numbers. We’re proud of our employee giving history and the impact that our employees have made. Read below for information on this campaign:

  1. What is the foundation?

The PVH and MCR Foundation exists to support our patients, employees, programs, and facilities through charitable giving.  We serve only the north region of UCHealth, meaning that local dollars stay local.  We raise funds to enhance UCHealth’s local programs and services, to support patients in need right here in our community, and to support employees through scholarships and emergency assistance.

  1. Why are employees encouraged to give to the PVH and MCR Foundation?

Employee giving is in our culture, it’s who we are. The national average hospital system employee giving program hovers at less than 20% of employees who give, but here in northern Colorado, nearly 29% of employees give!  During 2013, employees gave more than $263,000 to the foundation impacting our patients, our programs, our facilities, and our coworkers right here in our community.

Philanthropy is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to our community’s quality of life.  A gift to the PVH and MCR Foundation fosters the advancement of innovative research, state-of-the-art medical technology, and highly trained caregivers to deliver world-class health care to benefit the well being of our community right here in northern Colorado. There is no greater, or more satisfying, gift than one that offers hope to future patients and benefits the health of our family, friends and neighbors.

  1. Where do their gifts go?

Three of the projects that would not have been possible without support from donors include:

Employee Emergency Assistance Fund (EEAF): The EEAF is entirely supported by employee gifts of payroll deduction or PTO.  The EEAF provides grants to employees in crisis.  Through a blind application process, employees receive a grant from the fund to support them when they need it most, like the more than 20 employees who looked to the EEAF when they were hit by either the floods or fires in recent years.  More than 35 employees each year receive EEAF grants, and historically nearly 20 employees also received grants.  Moving forward, in lieu of offering loans as an option through the EEAF, the foundation will only offer grants in order to best serve employees in crisis.  This makes the EEAF particularly important this year.  If we have 55 grant applications, we want to be able to meet the need. If only 5 employees give $10 per pay period, one average grant is fully funded.

Cancer Center: The Cancer Center will see the first patient in the new building at Harmony and Timberline in Fort Collins on June 9!  We still have a lot of work to do to make it all it can be, though.  We still need help to finish phase 3, which will provide for the support services like massage therapy, physical therapy and nutrition classes that keep our patients feeling like people during and after their cancer journey.  Employees have given more than $285,000 to the Cancer Center during the entire campaign, enough that the Main Street area in the new building is named in honor of employee generosity.

Innovative Research:  Existing as our physician’s opportunity to be creative, the innovative research fund opens doors to what may be the next life-saving idea.  From studies collaborating with CSU assessing the value of adding beans and rice to children’s’ diets, to creating a trauma board that provides real-time patient information during a trauma, the innovative research fund ensures that we can continue to make great patient care even better.

Employees can also support employee scholarships by giving to the Health Care Scholarship Endowment, or ensure that patients in need can access the prescriptions they need by giving to the Medication Assistance Fund, or support our many incredibly valuable community outreach and support services by giving to Community Health Improvement programs,

We have more than 150 funds supporting the programs, departments, patients, and employees of UCHealth in northern Colorado.

  1. Is there a match?

When an employee gives to the PVH and MCR Foundation, each dollar is matched by $.50 from the system. This means that when  $10 per pay period is given to the Employee Emergency Assistance Fund, a total of $15 is contributed to the fund.  When $25 is given per pay period to the Health Care Scholarship Endowment totaling $650 per year, $975 total is actually donated because of the match.  Our system believes that our employees’ voices matters, that the programs and funds they believe in deserve an extra boost.

June provides the chance for our employees to step up, engage, and make an impact through generosity. Please visit our page again next week for Part 2 of our 5 post series, a donor spotlight.

Promoting Wellness Inside and Out at Poudre Valley Hospital – PVH and MCR Foundation Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support the Gardens at PVH

May 30, 2014

Last week PVH and MCR Foundation announced a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the expansion of the Gardens at Poudre Valley Hospital (PVH).  The campaign goal is to raise $25,000 through the Community Funded web site between now and June 16.  The funds will go toward the second phase of the Gardens, which will include a pergola to provide much-needed shade, and “contemplative areas” with seating and walking paths for those seeking privacy.


“We are excited to see how people will respond to crowdfunding for this kind of community initiative,” said Erica Siemers, senior director at the PVH and MCR Foundation. “Based on previous campaigns, we think this project is a perfect fit for bringing together contributions of various amounts to make a big impact.”

Located on the Lemay Campus, the Gardens at PVH promote wellness outside the hospital doors by offering a space for relaxation or restoration from mental and emotional fatigue – whether it comes from the stress of an illness, concern for a loved one or a long day of caregiving.  The green space is open for patients, families and employees to enjoy.  While the benefits of the Gardens at PVH are currently enjoyed by many visitors, the next phase of the project will address the need to provide privacy and quiet areas in the Gardens – an important aspect in a hospital setting.  The planned landscaping work will create a place of refuge and restoration for those in need – whether they are receiving care or providing it.  The new plantings, structures and screens will not only create a new area in the garden, but will help to reduce noise and visibility into the gardens. 

“Studies have demonstrated that even five minutes of looking at plants can yield restorative benefits such as lowering blood pressure, moderating heart activity and decreasing muscle tension,” explained Siemers. “While a main goal of a hospital garden is to reduce stress and promote restoration for patients, research shows that hospital gardens can lead to higher patient satisfaction as well.”[1]

[1] http://www2.mdanderson.org/cancerwise/2012/05/the-restorative-effect-of-gardens-at-md-anderson.html

While the space is beneficial to patients and their families, employees and volunteers at PVH often enjoy the accessibility of the Gardens, as well.  “A visit to The Gardens does wonders for my energy level,” said Kim Ewy, former employee, horticulturist, and long-time volunteer.  “Providing a beautiful, peaceful place for patients and their families to have a quiet conversation outside of the hospital is the kind of thing that really sets PVH apart from other hospitals.”

Individuals or businesses that would like to contribute toward completing this phase of the Gardens at PVH should visit the website – pvhandmcr.thankyou4caring.org/communityfunded.  Donations are being accepted now through June 16.  


WISH Inaugural Award Recipients

May 22, 2014



 Over the past year, a group of ambitious women came together with a goal for a better, healthier community.  Working with the Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies Foundation, they started WISH – Women Investing in Strategies for Health – a new women’s giving circle to educate, empower and inspire women philanthropists by supporting health needs through University of Colorado Health programs in Larimer County.  Today, 68 Charter Members are proud to announce the inaugural WISH award recipients.  A total of nine projects were selected to receive awards ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 from the pooled funds of WISH totaling nearly $34,000.

“We are very grateful for the funding awarded to us through WISH,” says Elyse Diewald, RN, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Coordinator.  “This funding will provide equipment to allow us to conduct exams in a more child-friendly environment outside of the emergency department for children who do not need to be seen emergently and provide for documentation of injuries for medical and legal purposes. By providing services at a central location, there will be better follow up medical care, better multi-faceted patient care, and all performed in a more sensitive environment. Thank you for your support of our program and the children in our community who are victims of sexual violence.”

Following are summaries of the nine applications the WISH membership approved for funding.


BstrongBfit, a running program for 5th and 6th grade girls sponsored by Community Health Improvement, is offered in schools where a coach applies for and attends a training program set up by the Healthy Kids Club. In ‘teams’ of 20 girls or less, they meet twice a week for eight weeks in the fall and spring. BstrongBfit’s request funds program costs for 200 girls.

Cardiovascular Family Intervention

This request from UCHealth Research Department will fund onsite childcare to supplement a grant for a pilot study intended to interrupt patterns of cardiovascular disease in low-income families.  Entire families are encouraged to attend all eight sessions to ensure the success of the intervention. WISH funding will cover childcare to help encourage whole family participation in the project, aiding in its success.

Car Seat Education and Distribution Program

Safe Kids Larimer County, based within the Community Health Improvement Department at Poudre Valley Hospital, requested funds to purchase car seats for infants and children in low-income families in Larimer County. The program reaches about 400 Larimer County families per year who are in financial need.

Continuing Therapy Outreach Pilot Program – Music Therapy

UCHealth Outpatient Rehabilitation Services department requested funds to pilot a self-sustaining rehab program for patients discharged from formal therapy for neurological impairments caused by stroke, MS, Parkinson’s and other diseases. Because studies demonstrate that the use of rhythm taps into a different area of the brain not stimulated with regular therapy activities, the program would include neurologic music therapy and supervised exercise for 8-10 individuals with neurological impairments who are unable to participate in any other activity available in the community.

Digital Video Colposcope for Pediatric SANE Exams      

In a case of physical or sexual abuse of a child, the child is brought directly to the Larimer County Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Fort Collins. In physical abuse and acute sexual abuse cases, it is important for a physical examination to be conducted by a member of the UCHealth Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) team as soon as possible, but within 72 hours. Because the Larimer County CAC does not have equipment to do the exams on-site, the SANE team and the CAC requested WISH funds to purchase a digital colposcope and image management system so a pediatric SANE nurse can conduct the physical examination while the child is initially being seen at the CAC instead of being taken later (or in some cases not at all) to the Medical Center of the Rockies emergency room or the Salud Clinic for exams.

Electric Breast Pumps

The Community Health Improvement/Medicaid Accountable Care Collaborative (MACC)/RN Home Visit program, in partnership with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, requested funds to purchase additional hospital grade breast pumps and two portable scales to help low income mothers secure breast milk for their high risk infants who remain in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). WISH funds will make sure the most vulnerable at-risk newborns receive their mother’s milk after the mother has been discharged.

Healthy Hearts Club Expansion

Partnering with Poudre R1 and Thompson Valley R2-J School Districts, the Healthy Hearts Club organizes and conducts screenings and provides nutrition and heart health education to 4th and 10th graders in Larimer County.  The WISH award enables the purchase of supplies needed to provide biometric screenings (cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index), helping the Healthy Hearts Club reach their goal to provide free screenings for all 4th and 10th graders in low-income schools in Larimer County.

Prenatal Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign

Addressing the issue of prenatal substance use/abuse, WISH funds will support the UCHealth Women and Family Care Department and Community Health Improvement’s outreach and information campaign throughout Larimer County. The goal of the campaign is to reduce the number of infants prenatally exposed to substances of abuse by focusing on community awareness and education.  The campaign includes printing and distribution of 1,000 full-color, bi-lingual posters and Media ads via Google Pay-per-Click, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook, as well as free TV and radio public service announcements and a hot-line.

Women on a Roll

This local project, led by Community Health Improvement/Healthier Communities Coalition and FC Bikes/City of Fort Collins, is designed to increase bicycling in under-represented communities, specifically among women in the Latina community in north Fort Collins.  WISH funding will provide specific Spanish literature to be used to promote cycling, as well as cycling safety education in local group meetings facilitated by “Promotoras” who are already working through the Vida Sana organization in local neighborhoods.

In its inaugural funding cycle, WISH received 16 funding request applications totaling over $67,000.  To be eligible for funding, the principal applicant needed to be a staff member (including physicians with admitting privileges) of Poudre Valley Hospital (PVH) or Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR); co-applicants could be community partners or cooperating departments within PVH or MCR.  Funding requests could not exceed $5,000.

Applicants were selected based on the following weighted selection criteria:

  • Application focuses on enhancement of health/health care within the Larimer County community (30% weight).
  • Application demonstrates the breadth of benefit to a broad cross-section of the community (20%).
  • Application supports the health and health care needs of women, children and families (30%).
  • Application promotes collaboration among departments, physicians and/or related community organizations (20%).

Of the 16 applications, 10 were selected for a more in-depth interview process and 9 were recommended for funding by the WISH Steering Committee.  These recommendations were presented at the March 13th Voting Event where the WISH membership-at-large voted to determine the inaugural awarding of WISH funds.

WISH has already grown to 68 members in its inaugural year.  The initiative is led by the WISH Steering Committee:  Valerie Beyrouty, Nina Bodenhamer, Janene Dellenbach, Nancy Hartley, Kim Hayes, Pat Kendall, Susan Kirkpatrick, Mary McCambridge, Debbie McCubbin, Lori McWhinney, Yvonne Myers, Nancy Patton, Amy Rosenberg, Jan Sawyer, Erica Siemers, Maria Trumper and Stacy Unger.

WISH provides members the opportunity to pool their funds, learn about health needs in Larimer County, and collectively decide how their money will be utilized in support of local programs, projects and services provided through UCHealth, including services provided in partnership with community organizations.  Participants of WISH are actively involved in how their dollars will be spent through an annual review and voting process.  One hundred percent of annual membership gifts are awarded to selected applicants, thanks to the support of the PVH and MCR Foundation.

“As we celebrate our inaugural funding recipients, we reflect on the investment we’ve made in our community’s health by becoming members of WISH.  It’s amazing how a $500 membership gift makes such a big difference in the lives of many within Larimer County! Share the passion for WISH, and the health of our community, and invite a friend to become a WISH member today,” said Debbie McCubbin, WISH steering committee chair.

The next WISH membership event will take place June 18.  For more information on WISH, or to join, contact the PVH and MCR Foundation at 970.237.7403 or email joann.herkenhoff@uchealth.org.

Going Once…Going Twice…Sold! Spring Benefit LIVE Auction Offers An Adventure for Everyone.

May 9, 2014

The PVH and MCR Foundation’s 35th annual Spring Benefit will take place Saturday under a gala tent on the Harmony campus parking lot.  The construction theme, “You built it…Let’s finish it,” recognizes the work of the community to raise funds for the cancer center, but also reminds us that there is work yet to be done.  Funds raised at this year’s benefit will support the third and final phase of the cancer center, as well as related programs.

Monies will be raised through ticket sales, and event coordinators have also planned a live paddle auction to make the evening really interesting.

With more than 3,500 individuals, businesses and foundations contributing to the building of the cancer center, it has been a predominantly community-focused initiative.  Many of the auction items donated by local businesses and individuals are Colorado-focused and support the event’s overall theme.

Auction items were donated and packages were assembled based on a “life is an adventure” theme.  The packages are valued at up to $10,000 and include something for everyone.  Some of the packages are great for families or groups and, for savvy bidders, could be won by teaming up with other guests (or friends who were unable to attend) to get the highest bid.  Following is a preview of what’s included in each package, so that guests can see what they might find most appealing.  Those who are attending the event may want to start planning a winning strategy now!  

Live Auction Packages Include:

23 Trees Refresh and Reuse Package


This package will help you refresh and reuse decorative items perfect for your home or office. 23 Trees closed earlier this year and left behind amazing items that are too good to not be reused.  A polka dot ottoman, glass top table, silk trees, wall hanging mirror, two bar stools, three wall hangings, various lantern lamps, bureau and decorative stand complete with tree limb accents. Donated by 23 Trees.

Lasik Eye Surgery 


Don’t miss seeing the little things that are truly the big things in your life. Thank you to the Eye Center of Northern Colorado for donating a Lasik Eye Surgery. Included in this package is a Laser Eye Lift donated by Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery. 

Hunting & Fishing


Experience the great Colorado outdoors with this Hunting and Fishing package.  AJ Macdonald has donated a half day, 4-person bird hunt of pheasant (16 planted birds), goose or duck (wild). It will be on his 150 acre property in Kersey, a mile stretch along the South Platte River. Included in the hunt will be clay shooting, hunting dogs, and a gourmet lunch. This package also includes a 612 Home Defense 12 gauge shotgun.  In addition to this hunt, Bob Sanderson has donated a guided Fly Fishing Trip for 4. Thank you to Macdonald Financial Services and Bob Sanderson for donating this package valued over $5,000.

5 Days in Vail Package


Vail – where you come for winter but stay for summer. Known for world class ski and snowboarding Vail stays alive even after the snow melts.  Thank you to Cliff and Mary Buchholz for donating 5 days and 4 nights in their Vail condo 3 bedrooms/3 bath that accommodates up to six comfortably.  Included in this summer or winter package is access to the private Arrowhead Alpine Club found in the heart of Vail Village where you’ll experience your own private fitness and spa. Depending on the season and thanks to Vail Resorts the winning bid will either receive a pair of lift tickets for 2014-15 or 4 passes for the gondola. This package is not available Christmas through New Year’s.      

Poudre Canyon Vacation 


Breathe in that fresh mountain air! A scenic 30 mile drive up the Poudre Canyon that will leave you rested and grateful for the great Colorado outdoors. Liz and John Westers have donated their personally designed and built home up the Poudre Canyon for 6 days and 5 nights. This 2 bedroom home comes complete with anything you might need while enjoying your stay, including a fully stocked kitchen, wood stove, hot tub and river access for the guided fly fishing experience donated by Keith Colton.  In addition, Liarflies Fly’s has donated a box of custom flies. Artist David Tyrrell has donated an original oil painting specifically for this package. In addition, the winning bid will receive a welcome basket complete with Colorado wine, Colorado bourbon, robes, soaps and lotions. Liz and John are flexible on dates and will meet you at the door with a home cooked meal before they give you a tour and leave you to your stay. Thank you to Liz and John Westers, David Tyrell and Keith Colton.

Mother’s Day Package


Sunday is her special day and we’ve created a package that will spoil her throughout the year!  Let’s start with the BLING! Jewelry Emporium has donated a pair of Princess Cut Diamond Ear Studs perfect for a special evening or perhaps a day in the garden. Mom can sit under her new 7 foot tree from White Dog Tree Farm or relax thanks to Outpost Sunsport who has donated a Shanghai Collar Outdoor Tilt Umbrella that will shade her from the sun while sitting in her new Adirondack chairs hand painted by a local artist and donated by Clay’s Ace Hardware. In addition, Clay’s Ace Hardware is donating a garden table and chairs along with potted flowers to help mom relax while enjoying her morning coffee from the local favorite coffee company The Human Bean and chocolates from Desiderio Chocolates.  Kim Horton, Rhonda Uhrich and Maila Rider from The Pilates Yoga Company has donated a one hour facial, one hour teeth whitening, one hour massage, eight Pilates equipment classes, five Pilates/Yoga Mat classes, five private/semi-private sessions and Herbs: AnxiousLess, Nutri-calm and Find strength.  Janie Rocek has donated two hours of onsite hair and makeup for mom to take advantage of before she heads out on her Girls Night Out. 

 Something for Everyone can be found at the NEW Fort Collins Country Club 


The new Fort Collins Country Club is expanded and energized – with the most complete collection of year-round amenities in the region. This is the only club where members can enjoy golf, indoor and outdoor tennis, formal and casual dining, a swimming pool, ballroom, spa and fitness studio all in a beautiful setting only 5 minutes from Old Town Fort Collins. This package includes your initiation fee covered for a lifetime; an entire year of monthly dues; a food and beverage allowance for an entire year; a tennis package of lessons, a golf package of ½ day lessons, Callaway Drivers and logoed golf bags for two.   Thank you to the Fort Collins Country Club for donating this package. 

Year of Adventure Package  


Life is not meant to merely exist but live each day fully and without regrets. A perfect package for an active twosome or a package that can be broken up and gifted to others who need a little adventure in their lives. The Colorado Eagles have donated a 12 person tour, and tickets to a playoff game and UC Health has donated 4 Press Club seats at a Colorado Rockies game along with a Nolan Arenado Baseball and a Cargo Bat. The winning bid of this package will also enjoy a 16 passenger bar bike that cruises around Fort Collins donated by My Handle Bar; 4 tickets to all Greeley Stampede Rodeos; Horseback riding for two thanks to the Beaver Meadow Stables; Private 9 Hole Golf Lesson for two at the Fort Collins Country Club; Dog Sled Rides for two compliments of Dog Sled Rides in Winter Park; White water rafting for two thanks to Wanderlust Adventure Rafting; Clay shooting thanks to AJ Macdonald and a Hot Air Balloon Ride with a champagne toast thanks to Bob McCluskey. Vail Resorts has donated two lift tickets for the 2014/2015 Season. The Adventure awaits you.

Ultimate CSU Fan Package


Let’s go Green and Gold! Colorado State University, home of the Rams has donated a set of five season tickets to all sports – football, basketball, men’s and women’s as well as volleyball. Your season tickets include parking passes for each sport. In addition to your season ticket package, you and a guest will have access to each VIP Tailgate at home football game during the 2014 season and two passes for Courtside dining in the Bob Davis Hall before 2 men’s basketball games. In addition, CSU Athletics has donated five Under Armour duffle bags with official Under Armor gear. Included in this package are autographed game balls for, volleyball and basketball and a signed football helmet.  Thank you CSU Athletics for this package. 

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the PVH and MCR Foundation’s Spring Benefit.  With these amazing packages, sneak peeks of the cancer center, complimentary massage and cooking demonstrations, delicious food and great friends, this promises to be a Spring Benefit to remember.


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